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Buses Crash Into Each Other on Tuckerton Road in NJ

Buses Crash Into Each Other on Tuckerton Road in NJ

New Jersey school busSummer day camp students found themselves in a scary situation on Monday when their school buses unexpectedly hit one another.

School Bus Accident Sends Kids to Hospital

Just after 4 P.M. on July 16, police were informed about a serious collision that happened on Lenape Trail and Tuckerton Road. When officials learned that multiple students were riding as passengers in the buses that collided, several local agencies responded to the call for help. About 88 children were medically evaluated by on-scene personnel. Medical staff determined that about 21 of the students and three adults onboard should be examined more closely at hospitals for minor personal injuries.

School officials believe the five school buses all rear-ended each other in a bizarre collision, but additional details about the crash haven’t been released yet. Investigators are still unsure what led to the accident. It’s possible that the school buses were following too closely to one another or that the leading driver slammed on his breaks for an unknown reason. More details are sure to emerge as investigators go through the evidence.

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