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Have you slipped and fallen and sustained injuries because of dangerous conditions on a New Jersey property that is not yours? Serious injuries may occur from a slip and fall, including head trauma, a broken back, broken bones, torn ligaments, and more, any of which may require immediate and long-term medical care and physical rehabilitation. The worst slip & fall injuries, besides death, can cause a disability that could require continuous care. When a loved one dies because of a slip-and-fall accident, usually as the result of a fractured skull and brain injury, you or the fatally injured victim’s estate may be entitled to financial compensation for losses.

Middlesex County personal injury attorney Vincent R. Glorisi has decades of experience representing those seriously injured because of someone else’s negligent or reckless property conditions. Vincent Glorisi has also been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a civil trial attorney. If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury due to a slip & fall or trip & fall accident in East Brunswick, Old Bridge, Plainsboro, or anywhere else in Middlesex County, NJ, Vincent R. Glorisi can help you get compensation.

Plainsboro Premises Liability Lawyer Helps You Recover Monetary Damages When You’ve Been Injured in a Trip and Fall Accident

Property owners, managers, and supervisors in Ocean County, Atlantic County, Union County, Monmouth County, and every other county in New Jersey are obligated by NJ law to maintain safe premises. When they don’t, they can be held responsible for the damages you endure because of a slip-and-fall accident. Here are a few of the causes of slip & fall accidents for which a New Jersey property owner can potentially be held responsible:

  • Wet surfaces
  • Loose floorboards
  • Cluttered floors or pathways
  • Torn carpeting
  • Recently waxed or mopped floors
  • Loose mats
  • Poorly constructed staircases
  • Uneven sidewalks or driveways

Some of the more common causes of slip & fall accidents in New Jersey include the following:

Dangerous Weather Conditions: Slip-and-fall accidents aren’t only caused by structural neglect or poor maintenance. They can also occur because of improper property or municipal care during adverse weather conditions. When weather conditions aren’t properly handled by property owners and municipalities—those who hold a legal responsibility to shovel sidewalks, plow streets, and salt walkways and steps—and you’re injured as a result, the property owner or municipality can be held monetarily responsible for your injuries. For instance, if you rent a house or apartment, your landlord must create a safe property environment during inclement weather. Publicly owned properties, such as a municipality or township properties, also must be safely maintained when icy or wet conditions prevail. When responsible maintenance and care isn’t followed, those responsible can be held liable for your injuries.

Workplace Slips and Falls: Employers have an obligation to provide safe surfaces for their employees. Far too often, slips and falls happen in the workplace, especially in the construction industry. Many of these workplace accidents can be prevented with proper training. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) provides employers with an instructional fact sheet that details how to prevent slip & fall work accidents. When an employer fails to meet these standards and a slip and fall accident occurs, the injured worker may be able to seek compensation through a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim.

Nursing Home Falls: For elderly people, falls are common. Not only can a fall result in catastrophic injuries such as hip fractures, but they also can be fatal. When NJ nursing home administrators and medical care providers don’t adequately assist their residents in mobility and a fall occurs, the administrators and nurses can be held monetarily responsible for injuries and fatalities.

Skilled Legal Compensation for Your Slip & Fall Injuries in Monroe Township, NJ

Financial recovery for injuries incurred because of a slip and fall accident may cover lost wages; medical expenses required to treat the injury; benefits for serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or head trauma, the loss of a limb, or interference with the ability to use a body part; payment for scarring or disfigurement; and compensation for necessary physical, occupational. and vocational rehabilitation, as well as necessary medical apparatus such as wheelchairs and home/vehicle modifications. When an injured person is unable to fully care for themselves at home, including acts of daily living, cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and housekeeping, monetary recovery for those losses and expenses may also be sought.

Who is to blame for your slip & fall injuries? How should certain parties be held responsible? How much is your claim worth? How can you make those responsible pay for your damages? Why should you suffer alone because of their neglect? These are questions that attorney Vincent Glorisi can answer. Through a personal injury or insurance claim, the Law Office of Vincent R. Glorisi can take the financial stress of your injuries from you and help you recover your health and quality of life.

Experienced NJ Personal Injury Attorney Represents Those Seriously Injured in Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Old Bridge, New Jersey

When you’ve been seriously injured because of hazardous property, poor supervision and safety procedures, or dangerous footwear, you should speak with an attorney who has experience in New Jersey personal injury law. Attorney Vincent R. Glorisi has the experience, skills, and resources to aggressively fight for your rightful legal compensation for your damages in East Brunswick, South Brunswick, Old Bridge, or elsewhere in Middlesex County, NJ. As a client of the Law Office of Vincent R. Glorisi, you will never pay a cent upfront. We only get paid when you receive a fair settlement. The meeting and consultation to review your case is 100% free.

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