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Ask almost any New Jersey driver to describe our state’s roads and highways, and the answer is likely to be unanimous—poorly maintained, congested, and dangerous. NJ car accident attorney Vincent R. Glorisi agrees with that description, and over the past 35 years he has seen the devastating aftermath among his clients seriously injured in car accidents on roads and highways throughout the state. With over six million New Jersey licensed drivers traveling our 39,000 miles of thoroughfare, car accidents are inevitable. On average, 320,000 car crashes are documented in New Jersey yearly, according to a recent Department of Transportation report. Based on those numbers, motor vehicle accidents occur with one in 18 licensed drivers every year.

Vincent Glorisi is an experienced New Jersey car accident attorney who is passionate about fighting for the monetary compensation our clients deserve after they’ve been injured because of another’s neglect and recklessness. If you were seriously injured in a car accident in Old Bridge, East Brunswick, North Brunswick, Plainsboro, or anywhere else in Middlesex County, NJ, besides your medical and physical problems, you are likely to have mounting bills and may be unable to continue enjoying the quality of life you enjoyed before the accident. Then, you have the added stress of worrying about what the future holds. It’s unfair that while you were focusing on the road and obeying traffic laws, your car was nevertheless involved in a collision. You aren’t to blame for the accident that caused your serious injuries, whether it was due to the reckless, negligent conduct of another driver or hazardous road conditions. Contact Law Office of Vincent R. Glorisi today to discuss your legal options.

Fatal Car Accidents in Monroe, New Jersey

Unfortunately, New Jersey car accidents are on the rise. Last year was the deadliest on New Jersey highways in the past decade. Tragically, 625 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes. While there are historical reasons for car accidents—speeding, improper turns, traffic law violations—with the advent of mobile technology, some studies show that car accidents have increased by over 23 percent during the past decade, along with an increasing number of car accident fatalities.

When you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in NJ, receiving proper medical treatment is crucial, including any necessary physical and occupational rehabilitation so that you can maximize your recovery. But these types of medical treatment are expensive, and most people don’t have the money to pay for all of it. Also, if your injuries caused you to lose income because you couldn’t work after the car accident, you deserve to be compensated for those damages as well. Additionally, because car accidents are traumatic in many cases, you may be rightfully entitled to monetary compensation for your pain and suffering, including the emotional damage caused.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Plainsboro, New Jersey

Since cell phones and other mobile technologies became the norm, accidents have many new causes. According to various traffic accident studies, 90–93% of car crashes are caused by human error, which includes not only drivers but also poorly designed and maintained roads. When weather conditions are severe, sometimes accidents are no one’s fault.

Distracted Driving: Before cellular technology and the internet, a driver may have been distracted by various factors, such as dealing with children or pets, putting on makeup, adjusting a radio, and eating. But now, despite the obvious, well-documented dangers of texting and driving, many vehicle operators still do it anyway. Also, other forms of distracted driving include programming a GPS device, talking on the phone (including hands-free), watching videos on mobile devices, and more. If you believe the at-fault driver may have been distracted when the accident occurred, an experienced lawyer can use sophisticated methods to prove the cause of your car accident.

Traffic Law Violations: Speeding, disobeying traffic signals, trying to beat yellow lights at intersections, improper turns, failing to signal, and other types of reckless driving have caused serious car accidents for over 100 years.

Driver Impairment: Although driving under the influence of alcohol is well known as the cause of horrific accidents and fatalities, a driver can also be considered impaired because of prescription and over-the-counter medications, which alter or dull the senses. Of course, driving under the influence of illegal drugs often leads to disaster. In addition to driving while intoxicated (DWI), driver fatigue is also considered an impairment of the ability to drive safely.

Vehicle Manufacturer Defects: As much as Americans love their cars, their vehicles are not perfect. Manufacturing and design defects have caused serious car accidents when brakes and suspension systems fail, a hood flies up, tires blow out or break, and tail lights short-circuit. Even when your car was the only vehicle damaged because of vehicle defects, the carmaker can be sued for your damages.

Road Design and Maintenance: New Jersey roads and highways, many of which were constructed in 1917, are known for their deterioration and excessive potholes. Not much has changed in over 100 years. When car accidents are caused by road defects, curbs, medians, inadequate street lights, or a faulty traffic signal, a city, county, or state agency may be held responsible for your damages.

Road Construction: To avoid car accidents, the construction company or agency managing the project must give travelers proper lane closure warnings with cones, lane closings, detour signage, and so on. When this doesn’t happen and a car accident occurs because of preventable adverse road conditions, private companies or government agencies may be held responsible for your accident damages.

As an attorney certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a civil trial attorney, Vincent Glorisi has the litigation skills necessary for what may be a vigorous fight for the maximum financial recovery allowed by law to compensate you for your car accident injuries. The Law Office of Vincent R. Glorisi has a proven track record of multi-million-dollar wins, so you can trust us to fight for your rights.

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