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Getting compensated for your injuries when you were hurt on a construction job site in New Jersey is often a complex matter. While you may file a workers’ compensation claim, recovery is limited by NJ laws, and your damages could extend far beyond those limitations. Under the New Jersey workers’ compensation program, disability benefits and medical expenses are paid for what the law considers “compensable injuries” regardless of fault. A compensable injury is defined as a job accident that requires medical treatment. The restrictions of NJ workers’ compensation do not allow an employee to file a civil lawsuit against their company; however, if the accident was a result of third-party negligence (not by a co-worker), or product malfunction, you may be entitled to more than workers’ compensation payments for your construction site injuries.

When you’ve been hurt on the job while working construction in New Jersey, attorney Vincent R. Glorisi can guide you through the confusing and arduous process of filing a workers’ compensation claim or third-party or product liability lawsuits in courts in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Union County, or Atlantic County, NJ.

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Workers’ compensation claims are often complicated and can be challenging because medical providers chosen by the employer determine whether the injury is compensable. If the company physician says that your injury isn’t compensable or that you can return to work sooner than you know you should, you may have a fight on your hands.

While New Jersey workers’ compensation laws help protect employees from undue financial hardship when injuries occur at work, these laws also monetarily protect the employer by limiting what they have to pay out. For instance, the workers’ compensation program does not allow for non-economic monetary verdicts such as those for pain and suffering.

Who Should Be Held Responsible for Your South Brunswick Construction Accident & Injuries?

With approximately 54,000 construction workers in New Jersey, the number of serious non-fatal construction accident injuries at NJ worksites is estimated to be in the thousands. In a recent year, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) program reported 1,089 fatal injuries nationwide occurring on construction sites. That same year, the New Jersey Department of Labor reported 20 employees were killed on New Jersey construction sites, with 12 of the deaths caused by falls. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to prevent hazards in the workplace to avoid probability of death or serious physical harm, not all employers adhere to these safety laws and regulations.

Though construction workers know their occupation is dangerous, employers are required to provide a safe workplace environment, which includes provision of skilled equipment and safety training and enforced use of safety instruments such as hard hats and goggles. Also, the physical facility itself must be guarded against hazards, with safety guards to prevent falls, proper wiring to avoid electrocution, stable fixtures to avoid crushing injuries, and more. When a non-employee or equipment malfunction causes your construction accident, a third party may be legally responsible for your injuries. Determining who is at fault for your injuries requires an experienced, knowledgeable NJ personal injury attorney with the resources to hire investigators and medical examiners to assess blame so you can pursue a just financial settlement. Whether you were injured in Old Bridge, New Brunswick, South Brunswick, or anywhere else in Middlesex County, New Jersey, experienced attorney Vincent Glorisi can help.

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Though NJ workers’ compensation is meant to cover lost income and medical expenses, the reality is that the employee’s injury will probably create unfair financial hardship for them and their loved ones. When a construction worker is killed, the loss to loved ones is incalculable and the limits of wrongful death compensation under the workers’ compensation program is often too low. In some cases, unscrupulous employers may fight an employee for their rightful compensation, delay payments, or force them back to work before they are healed. Even if you do recover some monetary award through workers’ compensation, the law limits the amount of monetary recovery available to injured construction workers. For instance, workers’ compensation doesn’t cover pain and suffering.

But there are other ways to recover what’s just and fair. In some cases, if the accident was caused by third-party negligence (a non-employee individual or company), you may be able to win an additional monetary settlement beyond workers’ compensation. When you’ve been injured in a construction accident, or a loved one was killed, in New Brunswick, Old Bridge, or Monroe, NJ, you are entitled to the maximum monetary recovery allowed by law. A knowledgeable Middlesex County personal injury attorney can help you seek that recovery.

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